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Flight Data Readout (Download and Analysis), Ground Test dan FDRS, Flight Data Acquisition and DITS Calibration, Cockpit Voice Recorder Download and Analysis, Flight Data Analysis Programme (FDA)/Flight Data Quality Assurance (FOQA)



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Flight Data Analysis; A Need for Compliance, Flight Data Recording System Configuration and Data Frame Layout, Flight Data Recording System Troubleshoot



Flight Data Recorder Downloader, Flight Data Analysis Software, Aircraft Digital Data Bus Analyzer Hardware & Software, Flight Data Acquisition and Recording System, ARINC 573, 717, 747, Digital Information Transfer System, ARINC 429, Cockpit Voice Recorder Downloader

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Pertama Kali, Indonesia Ikuti Pameran Industri Dirgantara Jerman

Berlin – Untuk pertama kalinya Indonesia berpartisipasi pada Pameran Industri Dirgantara, AERO EXPO 2019, di Friedrichshafen, Jerman. Lima perusahaan nasional, yaitu PT Aering, PT Cakra Vimana Diinamyck, PT Chroma International, PT Enggal Makmur Abadhi, dan PT Merpati Maintenance Facility (MMF), ikut serta pada pameran yang berlangsung tanggal 10-13 April 2019 ini. Ide awal keikutsertaan Indonesia […]

Boat Parameter Measurement

The Boat Parameter Measurement is a device to real time record parameters of the boat. This instrument contains sensor like GPS, IMU, and Load Cell. The data that recorded by sensors will be displaying at Boat Parameter Measurement software Graphic User Interface (GUI). The Boat Parameter Measurement communicates with your PC using the USB (Universal […]

Recorders Readout

Recorders Readout   Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) of Indonesia Ministry of Transportion Part 121.344 and Part 135.329 requires that each aircraft is suitably equipped with flight data recorder (FDR). In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Transportation No. 43 Year 2009, FDR has to be readout every year to ensure that the […]


Analisis Jatuhnya Pesawat Lion Air JT-610
Introduction to Aering iFDA
iFDA Aering Overview

About Us

PT. AERING is a business entity that is engaged in the aircraft data processing, software, hardware and aircraft instrumentation, avionics, and electronics.
Our company was established in 2010 through Act No. 28, dated December 22, 2010 made by Notary Iin SH Abdul Jalil., Sp. N. Ratification of our company is given by the Minister of Law and Human Rights with Number: AHU-21072.AH.01.01.Year 2011. We are located in Bandung, West Java, which is the city of knowledge center of Indonesia. Our core personnel are young souls with more than enough experience to handle the flight data. We have data analysts, as well as avionics, software, and hardware engineers. Our personnel are experienced either in the laboratory and in the field. The facilities we have are avionics laboratory, electronic workshop, a software house and a small mechanical workshop. All of these facilities are located in the area that facilitates our internal communication and transportation. We built most of the tools ourselves. It is possible by the experience, personnel and facilities we have.