Ground Test Support

Ground Test and FDRS, Flight Data Acquisition and DITS Calibration

Ground tests are needed to verify and troubleshoot aircraft systems. The types of the ground tests that we provide are Flight Recording System (FDRS) including the data acquisition system with ARINC 717 communication protocol and Digital Information Transfer System (DITS) that uses ARINC 429 communication protocol.

Flight Data Acquisition and Recording System (FDRS) Ground Tests are required to verify the correctness of the data stored in the FDR and for troubleshooting when problems are found in the FDRS. FDRS Ground test requires tools that can directly monitor the digital data stream generated by the aircraft data acquisition system or received by/stored in FDR memory. FDRS data stream is in the form of ARINC 717 signal.

DITS is a communication system between the digital components installed on the aircraft. The data stream on DITS is in the form of ARINC 429. Each component has ARINC 429 parameter specification individually. Ground tests are also performed on the flight data acquisition and recording system calibration. Calibration of the system is carried out in the certain interval and procedures as required by the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM).

In The Field

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Ground Test Tools Rental

We provide ground test tools for rental, please contact us for more information.