Pertama Kali, Indonesia Ikuti Pameran Industri Dirgantara Jerman

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Berlin – Untuk pertama kalinya Indonesia berpartisipasi pada Pameran Industri Dirgantara, AERO EXPO 2019, di Friedrichshafen, Jerman. Lima perusahaan nasional, yaitu PT Aering, PT Cakra Vimana Diinamyck, PT Chroma International, PT Enggal Makmur Abadhi, dan PT Merpati Maintenance Facility (MMF), ikut serta pada pameran yang berlangsung tanggal 10-13 April 2019 ini. Ide awal keikutsertaan Indonesia […]

Boat Parameter Measurement

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The Boat Parameter Measurement is a device to real time record parameters of the boat. This instrument contains sensor like GPS, IMU, and Load Cell. The data that recorded by sensors will be displaying at Boat Parameter Measurement software Graphic User Interface (GUI). The Boat Parameter Measurement communicates with your PC using the USB (Universal […]

Recorders Readout

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Recorders Readout   Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) of Indonesia Ministry of Transportion Part 121.344 and Part 135.329 requires that each aircraft is suitably equipped with flight data recorder (FDR). In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Transportation No. 43 Year 2009, FDR has to be readout every year to ensure that the […]