We provide training services for the following topics:

  1. Flight Data Analysis; A Need for Compliance
  2. Flight Data Recording System Configuration and Data Frame Layout
  3. Flight Data Recording System Troubleshoot Flight Data Analysis.

A Need for Compliance Flight Data Analysis (FDA) is the process of verifying the recorded parameters to meet regulatory requirements. The entire set of flight data is downloaded for analysis and converted into an engineering data form using a software based on the data frame documents (database). The objective of the training is to develop the ability of the participants to analyze flight data in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Flight Data Recording System Configuration and Data Frame Layout Each aircraft is very likely to have its own FDR system configuration, though has the same model. There is already standard on the characteristics of data acquisition and recording systems on aircraft, but the manufacturer is the one who determines the configuration of the aircraft FDR system. The FDA requires a correct data frame layout based on aircraft configuration. For the purpose, the in-depth understanding of the FDR system of each aircraft is given in this training.

Flight Data Recording System Troubleshoot This training topic aims to build the troubleshooting capacity of the aircraft engineers in troubleshooting problems that are found on the FDA.