Aviation Service

  • Flight Data Readout (Download and Analysis)

We provide FDR download and analysis services. For the analysis, it can be said that we can do the analysis for all types of flight data acquisition and recording system. If the aircraft does not have dataframe documents, we are willing to help to create such document by other supporting documents, even with a ground test on the aircraft.

  • Ground Test and FDRS, Flight Data Acquisition and DITS Calibration

Ground tests are needed to verify and troubleshoot aircraft systems. The types of the ground tests that we provide are Flight Recording System (FDRS) including the data acquisition system with ARINC 717 communication protocol and Digital Information Transfer System (DITS) that uses ARINC 429 communication protocol.

  • Cockpit Voice Recorder Download and Analysis

We provide CVR download service as stated above, on the CVR Downloader. We also provide the CVR file analysis service for all types of CVR data.

  • Flight Data Analysis Program (FDA)/Flight Operation Quality Assurance (FOQA)

Aering has experience for years on data analysis for regular and special purposes, such as Flight Data Recorder (FDR) readout and event/incident analysis. For advanced service of this data analysis, Aering also provide FDA programme service so that customers can get further benefits of their flight recorder data. Aering as FDA service provider shall perform data analysis activities from routine flights to detect events and/or obtain the data trends. By getting the information, customers through their manager of the air operator’s Flight Safety Programme may assess it and can perform remedial actions to improve their safety.